Doesn’t Sale already have running clubs?

Sale has many great running groups and clubs which all cater for different types of runners. Run The Joules simply aims to be another choice. And hopefully, in time, provide some lovely running apparel.

When do you run?

We run at 18:30 every Monday. 

What time do I need to be there?

We ask everyone to get there at 18:20 for a briefing on the route and the session. And it’s a nice opportunity to say hello to your fellow comrades.

How many people run each week?

We tend to get between 15 and 30 runners every week.

Where are you based?

We’re very grateful to be hosted by Sale Sports Club. Big shout out to them for being excellent hosts and allowing us to use their facilities. The address is Sale Sports Club, Rookwood, Clarendon Crescent, Sale M33 2DE.

Where does the run start and finish?

The run starts and finishes from the clubhouse at Sale Sports Club.

How far do you run?

Our runs range between 5km and 8km. We sometimes have a shorter and a longer route on the same night.

8km? What’s that in miles?

Run The Joules fully supports EU directive 71/354/EEC, which requires EU member states to standardise on the International System of Units. More information can be found at the UK Metric Association.

What pace do you run at?

Our quickest runner runs at the quickest pace and our slowest runner runs at our slowest pace. It’s all good. Every run has a backmarker and no one will be left to run alone, unless they want to be of course.

I think I’d be too slow.

You’re not too slow.

I’d feel bad about someone having to run with me at the back though?

Someone has volunteered that week to do that job, so please don’t worry. They’ll think you’re lovely.

I’m really fast, will I be alone at the front?

Hopefully not. But if you’re really quick please make sure you know the route.

Where can I find this week’s route?

Our running routes will be published on our social media.

Is it just a steady paced run?

We’re hoping to mix things up. We might throw in a cheeky tempo stretch in the middle, a few intervals here and there, or maybe a progression run. Whatever the type of workout, it’ll all be down to each individual runner how much they want to push themselves.

Where do you run?

In the summer we mainly run on the paths and trails around the River Mersey and the waterparks. In the winter we’ll probably be on the pavements.

How many times a week do you run?

It’s just the Monday run at the present time. We may extend to more runs if and when the community grows.

How much is it?

It’s free. Just turn up.

Can I join Run The Joules?

We may start a membership model in the future. But for the time being, just turn up and run.

Is there a social side?

Run The Joules aims to evolve in to a running community, not just a club. We encourage runners to stick around after the run for a drink and a chat at Sale Sports Club, interact via social media, meet up outside of the organised weekly run, get matching tattoos etc. Whatever feels comfortable.

Are you on social media?

We are. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Strava.

I still have questions.

No worries. Ask us via social media or e-mail us: runningthejoules@gmail.com

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